Today is all about our ARK server

So the hubster and I pony up for a small Nitrado instance to run a private ARK server for ourselves and our friends. We've been playing with the core Primal Fear mod for a few weeks now and having tons of newly-discovered ARK fun ... except for the fact that the map we were playing on (Ragnarok) had a couple of dead spots start to crop up.

When I say “dead spot”, it's a spot on the map where the game client just crashes with a horrendously long error message (as ARK is wont to spit out) and the inability to actually interact with anything in that spot on the map. So far, we found two or three. So today, we sort of decided to move to a more stable map (Genesis II FTW) and start again. Hopefully with no client crashes.

I just wiped out the old map directory (or at least copied it somewhere else) so we can start afresh. The first startup is kinda long though ... hmmm ...

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