Well ... it's been a while

I will confess that while I absolutely LOVE writefreely ... I went ahead and looked for a python based blogging solution because ... well ... I would have to replace my blog at fyrfli.me with this blog and I am not 100% sure I am ready to do that yet. My search lead me to pelican which ... I must admit ... is SO MUCH FUN to work with that this site got left in the dark for a while.

Ultimately, I think I want a way to connect fyrfli.me to the #fediverse and that is going to mean figuring out how to activate RSS using pelican and build me a bot to post for me when I make a new post.

Sounds simple enough, but right now I am exhausted with the all the effort it took out of me to migrate all my VPS stuff onto a smaller VPS. I need to cut down on my expenses. The effort was solely in me trying to figure out how to:

(a) run nextcloud in docker with data storage on digitaloceanspaces.com (b) proxy to wordpress using nginx proxy manager (or NPM).

I haven't figured (a) out yet. And (b) ... well ... (b) wore me the fuck out. I ended up going back to a manual reverse proxy using nginx on the host machine. I suspect caddy would work better but I need to learn about it first.

And today, I have been messing around with it at home, but the issues I found with NPM haven't turned up since, but then again I haven't really tried to access anything using a connection that is pure ipv6 so .... fixed or not remains to be seen.

Anyway ... thought I would drop a line to let the fedi know what I have been up to ... long form. ;)

elsewhere on the fedi, you can find @fyrfli at: my misskey – bkgrdclrschm.link coffee! – mastodon.coffee fosstodon -fosstodon.org